The old expression that says “records are made to be broken“ was on full display with mind blowing one-up moments all evening long. The incredible bar of 21 home runs in one round was set last year! This year‘s derby saw Ty Schaffer and his dad Rylan both put up 22 home run rounds. Kent Wynder, Steve Scott and Max Russell each hit 23. Steve Scott also set a personal best with a round totaling 27 homeruns but finally the 2021 derby champion Max Russell defeated defending champion Rylan Schaffer at the end of the night. On his way to the trophy Max ultimately destroyed the single round total smashing 30 home runs in one round including a new record of 10 consecutive swings for homeruns! Thank you to all our participants for stepping up to the plate and working so hard to earn money for the youth center. Your efforts will go a very long way in supporting the youth of this community. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!


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